Dependent Daycare FSAs Offer Substantial Savings on Summer Daycare Expenses

Dependent Daycare FSAs

With the first few weeks of summer already officially behind us, many families are settling into new routines, enjoying the perks of summer vacations carefully planned around work schedules and other commitments.

Luckily, there’s some financial relief available on childcare costs this summer through Dependent Daycare Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs).  This kind of pre-tax advantage gives you an average of 30% savings on eligible dependent daycare expenses.  If your child/dependent is under age 13, you can use this account to pay for summer day camps and nursery schools, among other qualifying expenses.

Participants in the Dependent Daycare FSA need to enroll in the account during their employer’s Open Enrollment period (check with your HR department to see when yours may be), unless they experience an event that allows them to enroll mid-plan year, like a change in work schedule or moving.

If you are enrolled in a Dependent Daycare FSA, make sure you use your account by the end of the plan year.  An IRS rule known as Use or Lose does not allow funds to rollover from year to year, so be diligent in spending all your funds.

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