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Celebrate National Employee Benefits Day with New Ideas for Open Enrollment

April 2, 2018, marks National Employee Benefits Day, which recognizes all benefit professionals for their commitment to the employee benefits field and the important role they provide int the workplace.

To all benefit professionals, thank you for your dedication to this crucial job! 

At P&A Group, we understand the pressures and challenges employers and brokers face in this frequently changing industry.  We are here to support your efforts in helping your employees understand important benefits through effective, streamlined communication and tiered marketing campaigns.

Prepare for Open Enrollment with P&A Group

P&A Group offers marketing solutions to help communicate important benefit details to your staff.  Whether your Open Enrollment is quickly approaching or it’s months away, we can help you.  Get in touch with our marketing team today to see how we can deliver important Open Enrollment messages to your employees.  Or, shoot us an e-mail at marketing@padmin.com and we’ll reach out to you directly.


Open Enrollment Communications


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