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Building a Successful Virtual Open Enrollment Campaign

If you’re re-imagining the Open Enrollment experience this year, you’re not alone.  Many employers are transitioning to a completely virtual Open Enrollment, using creativity and relying on fresh digital strategies to augment their Open Enrollment.  P&A Group can help create and deliver an Open Enrollment campaign that keeps your employees informed and engaged.  Consider three digital options from P&A to enhance your Open Enrollment.

New SmartFlex Program  

Have you heard about our new e-mail marketing solution, SmartFlex? If you haven’t, you should consider taking advantage of this option!

SmartFlex offers a library of customizable, curated content that is delivered right to your employees’ inboxes. You can choose what messages you want delivered to your employees. For example, you might want to highlight important enrollment dates, or emphasize changes under the new CARES Act.

Opting into SmartFlex enhances your Open Enrollment campaign with additional touch points for your employees.  This free and no-hassle solution is a great addition to your digital campaign.   

To learn more about SmartFlex, contact your account manager or e-mail marketing@padmin.com.

E-mail key messages to employees during Open Enrollment.

Custom Penny Panda Videos

Videos are an excellent way to deliver key messages to your employees; in fact, video content can be more memorable than other communication channels. Penny Panda, P&A’s friendly animated spokes “bear,” explains plan details in a lively and engaging way.  Do you want to talk about specific enrollment dates, or remind employees how a plan works?  Penny Panda does that and more. If you choose our custom video option, your video will highlight your unique plan details. For more information, or to view a sample custom video, please contact marketing@padmin.com

Online Enrollment

Take your benefits enrollment online with P&A’s online enrollment option. Moving your FSA or commuter benefits enrollment online is easy and provides greater flexibility for your employees.  It’s an easy way to elevate your Open Enrollment campaign and make enrolling more accessible for employees. Please contact your account manager to get setup or e-mail marketing@padmin.com

Open Enrollment Campaign Additional Support

Looking for more ways to enhance your Open Enrollment campaign?  For help creating a digital plan that best meets your needs, contact P&A Group’s sales and marketing team. E-mail marketing@padmin.com or send us a message through Contact Us.

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